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Can you believe when we made this promotion photo with the Irish Press crew we were suplied hand to hand with guns, ammo and cartrage belts from Watts gun shop on the quays in Dublin and we didnt even stop traffic? How times have changed.

Tuning up before an outdoor concert with the Irish rock band Easy Feeling, in August 99. I opened for this great band and they joined in with me before I finished my set (just magic) take it away Eddie!
West Coast '81

I had a wonderful solo tour of America's West Coast in 1981. I overhauled the engine on this 1947 mercedes 180 and in gratitude the owner gave it to me for remainder of my tour from LA to to Seattle (Great trip, I tried to buy it from him but he would'nt part with it)
Denis Murray and Pete St John

Pete StJohn explains lyrics of his song "Waltzing on Borrowed Time" to Denis as they look out over Dunlaoire Pier.
Cast of the summer show at the famous Shieling Hotel in Dublin.

Dublin launch of Murray and Condon from the ever popular Summer Show at the Shieling Hotel, Dublin. Back row (left to right): Edmond Browne, Joe Cahill ,Peter Canavan. Front Row Center: the great Chris Casey
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