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Denis Murray and Eoin Condon

Murray and Condon were a highly sucessful duo at home in Ireland and abroad. This well polished duo played all major dance halls, theatres and outdoor events. (Condon has a great instrumental album - see links page)
Denis Murray, TR Dallas & Eoin Condon

This was a hugely versatile and popular trio here in Ireland and in the UK. T.R., Tom Allens, profile brought us into theatres in the UK while we continued to play the ballrooms. An enjoyable time with "The Hat"
Denis Murray and Derek McKenna

Derek toured Ireland and the usa with me, a fine continental player.
Sean Dunphy

Witty, clever, great company and an authority on black and white movies (after me!) Sean sang "If I could choose" in the 1967 Eurovision and fronted Ireland's biggest showband "The Hoedowners" He's had more hit records through the years than I can count. Wonderfull memories touring and recording with this great singer and friend.
Jim McCann and Denis Murray

This photo was taken during one of our appearances on RTE's program "Live at Three" Jim sang a tribute to luke on the day. Jim influinced me more than any other, I believe he must be the best ballad singer Ireland has ever produced, nobody I know can touch him as a solo act. No matter where in the world I play, people ask for Jim or his associated songs
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